Hopes Alley Sick Girl


PMA- Life Wont Wait Long Sleeve

Image of PMA- Life Wont Wait Long Sleeve

This is a really special design to myself in so many ways. If you want to read the story of why I created this design its typed out below. I hope I can inspire you.

PMA meaning* Positive Mental Attitude* on the front chest.
With "Life Wont Wait- For A Cure" on the back & awesome Sick Girl branding printed on the right sleeve.

Printed on a long sleeve Unisex Bella & Canvas shirt. Please see size chart included in pictures. This is a soft light weight material.
SIZING- Unisex but runs slim. For example I am 5'5 and 104lbs and a XS fits like a juniors Small on myself but its a bit longer of a fit. It will shrink a hint so if unsure about size I would go with what woman sizes you normally would wear and cross check the size chart on pictures attached on this listing.

Why is this special do you ask?
First off, The PMA design on the front of the shirt is almost the exact replica of my own personal PMA tattoo I have on myself. I got the PMA tattoo when I was having a very hard time coping with my chronic illnesses and at a low mental state. But then I realized- happy people aren't just inherently happy. It takes small conscious decisions every day, on how we react to life. We cant control our illness, or much in life really, but we can control our reaction to these things.
We have a choice in life, to be sad and play the victim or to rise above and live the best we can and feel the happiness we worked for and deserve.

The back of the shirt says "Life Wont Wait".
This to me is so powerful.
Not only is it an awesome Rancid song, its also so very true.
I recently lost someone I loved very very much. At her funeral service, seeing and hearing all she did in life it was all so amazing. Right then I had a -WTF am I doing with my life?!- moment.
I had been waiting, feeling sick and miserable, waiting to feel better to go out and live, make memories with the ones I love, enjoy life. But, what am I waiting for? There is no cure for my illnesses. That day will never come and I felt I had just wasted so many years of my life. I will feel sick and be in pain no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing. So I say again, What am I waiting for? I spent this last year trying to capture every precious loving moment I can, live life and learning I deserve to be happy. I have been trying to live the best life I can in her memory now.

Life Wont Wait For A Cure , so why should we?