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PMA Long Sleeve-SickGirl Sleeve

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PMA Sick Girl Chronic Krew long sleeve shirt with IV Bag Sick Girl logo on left sleeve.

Unisex Long sleeve modern fit shirt.
PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude.
This design holds a special place in my heart as it comes with a back story as most my designs will. The PMA design is based almost exactly off my own personal tattoo that I got after another chronic illness sister, one of my closest friends changed my life with simple words.
I have several chronic illness' including Gastroparesis, EDS, Graves list goes on.
Being chronically ill, we all can relate to going thru a grieving process of becoming sick, loosing things we once loved and trying to rediscover who we are now and really how to live again in a new way. Well in this process a lot of us can be a harsh struggle. I was tired of being stripped of my former self and was ready to give up was really at my low point when I asked my other Gastroparesis sister whom I may add is much sicker than I, simply "How do you do it? How do you seem so happy and not let your illness dictate and define you and not just hate the world?" Her reply was simply " No happy person just wakes up one day and is happy, it is a conscious choice in simple daily reactions and hard work. You just have to correct your own thinking and after time it just gets easier and slowly that happiness will start to come without forcing it. Enjoy life, we all have struggles but its how we react to small things everyday that can change our own perception."
That really hit home for me and ever since then I really have been trying to correct my extreme pessimistic nature but I owe her for giving my fight back and to me, PMA fit quite well to remind me to think more positive in life and in illness.
So join myself and my close chronically ill friends, no matter what illness you suffer from and welcome to the Sick Girl Chronic Krew.

Shirt is a Unisex shirt but slim fitting. Example, I am 103lbs and 5'5 and wear and XS and that fits me like a juniors/women's Small but the length is just a bit longer. The size guide is located in images.
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